The cards

Verso Silver and Verso Gold are credit card-size vaults for your bitcoins. Carry them around in your wallet or hide them under your mattress. You have full control over your money.
All-in-one Verso Cards are double sided. The public side shows your address and lets you credit your card. The private side offers a secure access to all management features of your card.
Robust Verso Cards are cold storage wallets that do not rely on electronics. They are immune to hacking, highly resistant and durable. They are built to last.

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The app

Manage your card by simply scanning its private side with your smartphone. Verso Wallet is available on iOS and Android.
Real-time Instantaneously send money anywhere in the world! Share your address in no time or simply monitor in- and out-going transactions live.
Multi-currency Choose your preferred currency for transactions.

Security is our priority

Don’t be afraid of thieves or hackers. The only way to steal your money is to both have a copy of your Verso Card and know your password. Your secret key is generated and encrypted on your computer when you order your Verso Card: it is never communicated to our servers.

Military-grade encryption

We secure your bitcoins using AES 256-bit encryption. Additionally, Verso Gold uses a second layer of authentication to prevent any brute-force attack.
Stored in Bank

Loss protection

We store fragments of your Verso Gold in multiple Swiss bank vaults so that you can recover a digital copy of your Verso Gold in case of loss.


We do not keep any information relating your identity to your card and do not store copies of your key online.